I took my first Galafold on December 31, 2020. Then about a week later I had a severe allergic reaction on my face, but no one could tell me if it was due to Galafold. This allergy lasted for a few days, then it went away and never came back.

After about half a year I noticed the first improvement. Before taking it, I had severe cracks on my palms for years, so bad that it sometimes bled so much that I couldn’t touch anything. And half a year after starting therapy, there were no cracks at all. The hands are still dry, but they no longer tear open. Then I realized that the migraine attacks were fewer and are no longer as severe. Before that I always had migraines for 3 days and nights in a row. No medication had helped. Today they are only mild and if I take a pill of Sumatriptan the attack goes away immediately. And what pleases me the most is that I can breathe deeply again. I used to have this oppressive feeling, as if I had to take a really deep breath, but I couldn’t, my breathing was blocked. Almost every day. Now that hardly ever happens at all. And I don’t get cold as often as I used to, I can sweat, so sometimes I tell my husband to turn off the heating, it’s terribly warm here, and it’s the middle of winter.

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