Female patient, 57 years old

Improvement since beginning treatment with Galafold

Head: before therapy almost daily migraines with radiating pain in the neck and shoulders, now much less frequent headaches. Concentration felt improved by 30%.

The feeling of heat in some parts of the body is no longer as intense.

Intestines: Before therapy constipation and no bowel movements for days, now regular bowel movements and also less cramps in the intestinal area.

Bladder: Since the beginning of the therapy, the bladder has felt normal again and I no longer have to go to the toilet at night. Before the therapy, the pressure was high and the bladder would overflow if I didn’t make it to the toilet fast enough.

Nerves: Nerve pain has gotten better, shooting pains less often and nerve twitching much less.

Legs: Rarely cramps in the legs.

Better mobility in the shoulder, neck and trunk. Before the therapy, everything felt tight, matted or cramped.

Unfortunately, something has gotten worse. I have had stomach pains for many years and have also been taking acid blockers for a long time. This has now increased again and I also have the feeling of cramps in the esophagus when eating.

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