Heike: My body is hypersensitive

The body reacts with pain, numbness, cramps, migraines and extreme fatigue that you have to fight against.

Triggers/causes that are exhausting for my body and making the pain worse:

  • Sensitive to weather: low pressure, change in weather, heat, cold
  • Smells, noises (too strong, too loud, too much)
  • Food: Animal fats, especially violent in connection with alcohol
  • Stress – both negative and positive
  • Physically overpace

Physical overload leads to sudden exhaustion. With light physical activity, such as walking, cycling, housework, climbing stairs, going uphill, the exhaustion sometimes sets in earlier and sometimes later. The chest and abdomen feel constricted and become tight. Breathing becomes difficult and legs feel heavy and stiff. No more energy, after a recovery phase it works again.

  • Overpace mentally

Mental overload with the consequence of suddenly losing concentration during conversations, especially when several people are involved. Visual overload with too many sensory impressions.

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