MFSH Patient Academy 2023, Bad Salzschlirf, Germany, Topic D313Y and other “controversial” variants

We were at the Patient Academy in Bad Salzschlirf. Berthold Wilden (1st chairman of the MFSH) explained the topic of the “controversial” variants well and we then presented our statement from the patient’s point of view. Our statement is linked here.

In general, this topic was a big topic of conversation among the patients during the break, no one can understand the attitude and actions of the doctors. Now, however, many know about the topic and have backed us with a lot of encouragement that we should absolutely continue to fight. Many thanks for that.

It was also very nice for us to see many familiar faces again, we were very pleased.

An artist friend of ours provided us with a great picture that illustrates our theme very well:

image: Ralph Turnheim,

Image text: we do not extinguish further until the cause of the fire has been completely clarified